Giovanni Pintori, an Italian genius

An Italian approach to graphic design that inspired the great American designers of the 50’s.Artero-Library-Olivetti-Pintori-portrait

Giovanni Pintori won a scholarship in 1930 (at the age of 18) to study at the ISIA in Monza under design heavyweights like Marcello Nizzoli and Edoardo Persico.

After graduation he was invited to work for Olivetti in the Development & Advertising Office located in Milan.
Three years later, 1951, he would become the head of the department.
Over the next 27 years he created an impressive series of work for Olivetti getting a good international reputation.

Pintori designed all kinds of advertising: billboards, advertisements in magazines.
In 1950 he won his first of a series of awards: the Palma d’Oro of Italian Federation of Advertising..
In 1952, the MoMA in New York organized the exhibition Olivetti: Design in Industry, in which his work is widely represented.
In 1953 he joined the ACI (Alliance Graphique International).
In 1955, with an exhibition at the Louvre, a room dedicated to his work for Olivetti.
Also in 1955 received the Certificate of Excellence of Graphic Arts of AIG (the Association of American graphic designer) and the following year, the Gold Medal and Diploma in First Line Award Graphics and Fiera Milano.
In 1957 he was awarded the diploma of the XI Triennale Grand Prize in the same year he exhibited in London with the AGI.

His work was a strong inspiration to whom, during the 50’s, in USA, begin to think about the idea of corporate design.

For example, when Thomas Watson Jr. took over IBM in 1956 as President, he was struck by how poorly the company handled corporate design. The aesthetic was inconsistent across various platforms—for example, “branches in different regions would use different stationery,”. Inspired by a visit to an Olivetti showroom, where there was a cohesive, art-directed modern branding across various platforms (stores, ads, equipment, brochures), Watson. Jr. started a formal Corporate Design Program.

Paul Rand was charged with developing the program.

After the death of Adriano Olivetti (1960) continues to collect awards like the International Typographic Excellence Award from the Type Directors Club in New York in 1964.
In 1966 he exhibited a solo show in Tokyo.

Several newspapers publish his pictures: Fortune, Graphic Design, Horizon.
In 1967 Olivetti leaves and works as a freelancer for Pirelli, Ambrosetti, Gabbianelli, Parks Liguria, Merzario.

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