Jacques Garcia “luxury is knowledge.”

To Jacques Garcia, who defined modern opulence with spaces like the Hôtel Costes in Paris, “luxury is knowledge.”

Mixing several historical architectural styles with contemporary ones
is Jacques Garcia’s signature that has earned him global acclaim.
His first successful foray into the world of architecture and interior design was constructing and furnishing his grandparent’s house at the, unbelievably, tender age of 8.

After completing his education in applied arts, he was hired by a firm of architects where he quickly established a reputation for himself and was responsible for designing beautiful interiors for several hotels, private house, residential, clubs.

Garcia’s signature style is an exotic mix of 17th and 18th century references based upon his French heritage. He is a perfectionist who takes time over the smallest touches. Opulence is a keyword.

However, in the Shanghai Costes Hotel in China Garcia has used his European eyes to design the hotel in a contemporary manner yet still incorporating a modern Chinese style. Marrying its bold, rich reds with chandeliers which reflect Garcia’s European style.

Jacques Garcia redesign in 2013  the mythical Mamounia hotel set amongst gardens in Marrakech. Garcia has refurbished and maintained the traditional feel of the hotel and given it a more obviously Moroccan style.

Garcia’s home, Chateau du Champ de Bataille, has eighteen lavishly decorated bedrooms. “I wanted people to feel the way I feel at home,” said Garcia of his decision to become a hotelier.

The castle acts as a museum for the designer’s impressive collection of antiques.



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